Friday, January 30, 2009

Seven Things I Love

My very talented friend Gina has given me my first blog award!

When you get this you must list 7 things you love and pass it on to other bloggers.

Some random things I love:

  1. being outdoors - especially the luxury of being able to spend long periods of time outdoors preferably doing something active.
  2. having a dog who gets me outdoors in all kinds of weather.
  3. the colors of spring (the landscape, that is)
  4. the spring season - yay! it's almost here!!
  5. the smell of lemons, tea, cut grass, the ocean.
  6. having a meal with my husband and children all together---a rare thing lately. I like it best when it's a healthy, homemade meal, but I will take going out, too!
  7. reading, watching, listening, to or looking at things that make me laugh.
Now I tag the following bloggers:
Kathleen, Mark, Michelle, and Nina


nina seven said...

ann marie - thank you so much for the award! i really appreciate it! i'll post my 7 things this weekend. have a great day!

Michelle Henninger said...

Thanks Ann Marie! This is my first blog award too! Yeah!

nina seven said...

thank you, ann marie!