Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IF - Island Painted

Finally! Here is my painting of Island for Illustration Friday. I wasn't happy with the first painting and started over again. This is done in gouache.

Btw - sea turtles are an endangered species. And they are incredibly charming...to me! Just look at this picture.


Michelle Henninger said...

This looks great Ann Marie! Nicely done. I like the colors, and the little girl looks so sweet.

Patty said...

looks great in color! nice texture on the leaves of the trees and the color palette is very nice for the island theme. and i just love the directional flow of the girl concentrating on the turtle into the school of fish. great movement. i'm so glad to see the link you attached of the turtle. it is adorable.

Honeydew Studio said...

I love this! (Incidentally, I also love sea turtles.) The shadows of sea creatures under the water are especially effective. Beautiful work.