Monday, February 1, 2010

Must-See Monday: Mary O'Malley

Mary O'Malley is a Boston area artist. I came to know her work through DeCordova Museum. I first spotted the above entitled, "Hybrid Bloom" in one of DeCordova's brochures. (Is it not gorgeous?) I had to see more of her work and find out more about her, so when I heard her work would be featured in Decordova's Drawn to Detail exhibit, I made plans with a tour guide/friend to take a look. Hella (I worked with her at DeCordova when I was a tour guide a few years ago) walked the exhibit with me and shared what she knew. She told me that, though she does also paint, Mary mostly draws on paper (black or white) and uses metallic gel pens--a pretty unusual medium. These richly detailed, organic pieces seem to have grown from some divine communication with nature.

Take a look:


naustrew said...

Woah! Cool artist! Thanks for this post. :)

Zelda Zap said...

Those are stunning images, thanks for sharing!